Special Education/504


Welcome to the Horatio Public Schools Special Services Web page.  The primary purpose of this department is special services under Individuals with Disabilities Education Act, known as IDEA.  Special Services also coordinates the services for students who have been identified as Section 504 eligible.
Special Services are designed for students with disabilities from 5 to age 21.  In addition to the instructional units and related services, the special education department provides an array of support services to assist students, parents, and school personnel.   A translator provides oral and written assistance when needed for our Hispanic population.  Personnel from the Special Education Department work closely with therapists, principals, regular education educators, and parents to determine appropriate programming and placement for eligible students.  The delivery models include, but are not limited to: indirect instruction, Direct instruction, resource room, and self-contained.  
Horatio School District uses Riverview School Base Mental Health.  Current instructional staff includes 5 special education teachers, 1 speech/language pathologist and speech pathologist assistant,  6 Paraprofessionals, 1 occupational therapist,  1 occupational coda, 1 Physical therapist1physical therapist coda, and Special Education Director/504 coordinator.

Cindy Webb - Master of Science Education K-12th grade                        
Patricia Ayers- Master of Science Education K-12th grade
Carmen Montero - Bachelors PK-12th grade
Vickie Lacefield - Master of Science Education  P-6th grade
Cindy Frachiseur - Master of Science Education  PK- 12th grade

Speech /Language Pathologist:  Blake Hill, Becky Pendergraft - Speech Assistant

Occupational Therapist:  Kimberly McCorkle and Lisa Jones, Assistant Occupational Therapist

Physical Therapist: Tina Griffin and Megan Broach, Physical Therapist Assistant

Para Professional:   Melissa Chavez, Christy Ayers, Tara Taylor, Eva Martinez, Carrie Foreman, Kelly Tallman

                                 •·         Provide each student with a free and appropriate public education
                                 •·         Educating students in the least restrictive environment
                                 •·         Involving parents in all phases of special education
                                 •·         Transition services
                                 •·         Supporting students with a disability with services in their education        classes

For additional information about special services in Horatio Public School District contact 
Cindy Frachiseur, Special Education Supervisor/504 Coordinator at (870)-832-1900 ext 1914 or

870-832-5000 or cfrachiseur@horatioschools.org.